Laser Etching

VarCity provides the best laser etching services in Chicago. Implementing laser etching is a great way to add fashionable styles to apparel. Laser etching is best for two colored designs and targeted for those looking for styles such as abstract art and logos. Laser etching is an efficient way of creating product as the process is as simple as taking a design and burning the design on apparel such as T-shirts, shorts, caps, sweaters, hoodies, sweatpants, etc laid flat on a panel below a specialized fabric engraving laser.

Why Laser Etching ?

Laser etching burns a variety of patterns, designs, and logos on the the surface of apparel such as sleeves, legs, body, hoods, and a variety of other options as long as the fabric is proper for laser etching. The finished product has an imprinting that is an off color of the material printed on. Popular materials used are polyester fleece, denim, velvet, polyester twill, cotton twill, and suede. 

Laser Etching Chicago

Laser etching is an efficient way to create a mass number of products due to it’s quick and efficient procedure. Laser etching is a goto choice when promoting a logo, brand or just fashionable creative art designs.

Highlight Your Brand With Laser Etching

At VarCity, we have a variety of products that we can use laser etching method on. We have many product samples to show, and we would be happy to help you through the process. Whether you have a reunion or a fundraiser, political event or a store grand opening, we can guarantee that VarCity will help to make it an event to remember. Laser etching is just one of the innovative methods we use to ensure that you stand out with exceptional promotional products and gifts. Your brand will be shown in the best light possible, with a quality printed item.

Let VarCity Apparel be your corporate apparel “go to source” to provide your clients and customers with unforgettably amazing 3D billboards for your organization. Call VarCity today, and let’s get started on wowing those whom you most want to influence.